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Worker’s Compensation and Health and Safety Articles

Information from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

True-up Process Coming July 2016

BWC Group Rating Safety Accountability Letter

Destination: Excellence

Press Releases & Information from CareWorksComp (formerly CareWorks Consultants, Inc.)

BWC’s Other States Coverage (March 2016)

Unemployment Compensation Program 2016 (March 2016)

CareWorks Consultants, Inc. Announces New Company Name – CareWorksComp (March 2015)

BWC Changes Its Premium Collection Process (June 2014)

Modernizing BWC – The Plan to Optimize the Premium Collection Model (December 2013)

BWC’s Group Rating Program Offers Employers Beneficial Savings (August 2013)

Governor Kasich Announces $1 Billion Workers’ Compensation Rebate (May 2013)

Health & Safety Articles from CareWorksComp (formerly CareWorks Consultants, Inc.)

Absence Management: A Challenge for Employers of Every Size

Accident Investigations

Be a Safety Ambassador

Conduct a Job Safety Analysis to Find Out What Hazards Your Employees Face on the Job

Cut Out Cuts

Distracted Driving

G.H.S – The Most Significant Change to OSHA Regulations in Years

How to Get Employees to Follow Safety Rules

Icy and Dicey: Don’t Slip or Fall on Wet or Icy Pavement

Importance of Timely Reporting

Lawn Care Safety Guarding

Lockout / Tagout

Mobile Phone Rule Changes: How CMV Drivers Communicate on the Road

Quality Initial Care Helps Effectively Manage New Injuries

Resolve To Be Safe

Safety Banners
In an effort to help sponsoring organizations to comply with BWC group safety requirements, CareWorks Consultants & RiskControl360° have created a web-based “Safety Banner”. Click the link above for more information.

Safety Management Systems -Key Safety Program Parameters
Implementation of an integrated safety management system can reduce and control injury rates as well as related expenses. Click on the link above for ten key parameters of a safety management system.

Sizzling Summer Temperatures

Suggestions for Hiring Safe Workers

The Percentages of Return to Work

Walk the Safety Walk – And Don’t Forget About Your Feet!

Work Safely During Cold Weather