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Frequently Asked Member Questions

Do I have to join?
If your company is a member, you are automatically a member. Not sure if your company is a member? Contact our office at 330.273.5756.

How much does it cost to join?
If your company is a member, you are a member. There is no cost to you to use the discounts.

How do I get my password?
You can get your password from the HR or Benefits Department at your company, or by completing the Forgot Your Password form.

How do I know how to use a particular discount?
Each of the discount listings will tell you what you need to do to obtain the discount. Some may require you to order tickets in advance from the BBC office. Some may allow you to purchase and print your tickets online. Some may require you to show your proof of membership card or key tag. Some may have a coupon for you to print off. Some may require you to use a special code when calling. Some may have a specific representative for you to contact. Before attempting to use any discount, please check the website listing for the appropriate information. If you have any questions about redemption of a specific discount, contact the BBC office at 330.273.5756.

How do I get a proof of membership card?
Proof of membership can be printed directly off of the BBC website. After you login, you will see a link appear in the password box that will allow you to click to access and print the card. Many members choose to laminate it after printing, but you are not required to do so.

Can I just take my key tag and show it to the vendor to get the discount?
No, all vendors have different requirements on how you must obtain your discount and not all are able to accept the key tag. Please visit the vendor’s listing on the BBC website for instructions on how to redeem.

Why are there handling fees for ticket orders and coupons?
Handling fees cover the cost of postage to mail out ticket and coupon orders. Note that all orders of $50 or more are sent via Certified Mail. To avoid the handling fee you can pick up your order from the BBC office in Brunswick, Ohio.

What do I do if a vendor wouldn’t accept my discount?
If a vendor will not accept your discount, please notify the BBC office at 330-273-5756 right away with as much detail as possible about your situation. We do not guarantee the products or services of our vendors and offers are subject to change without notice, but we will contact the vendor and do our best to resolve the situation.